2 Oct 2018 - 4 Oct 2018 | Eindhoven, Netherlands
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2 Oct 2018 - 4 Oct 2018
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Semicon Photonics Matchmaking 2018

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Wednesday-morning October 3rd:

Wednesday-afternoon October 3rd:

Workshop Hybrid PICs

During the workshop there was a vivid discussion about standardization. On this moment there are so many developments in different technologies, foundries, platforms, materials, building blocks and functionalities that this all result in a complex PICs ecosytem. A PIC that comes to large volume will set a standard itself.
Another point of discussion was the history of standardization related to CMOS. The proces of CMOS standardization was complex too.
Maybe CMOS -experiences can be used to come to faster PIC-standards and PIC-developments.


Thursday October 4th program:


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Eindhoven, Netherlands

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